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It's getting to be the time of the year for turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie soooo we'd love it if you all share your recipes for Thanksgiving foods that you serve to your family. A single recipe works or the whole meal if you like!
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I love recipes with WW points already figured in! I think that doing WW and WW friendly recipes is a wonderful idea. I will make a tag that says Weight Watchers so our readers will know they can find the point value right there with a great lowfat recipe~!
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Here is a page with conversions in weights and measures from our American system to metrics since we have cooks from all over.


I will add this to the profile page too.
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How about when we try a recipe... go back to the post and comment on how yours turned out, any modifications you made, etc?

There are tags on the recipes and they are all in memories too so you should be able to find them rather easily. :)

If you have a photo of the recipe, that would be cool too!
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Please feel free to post any recipes you'd like and also feel free to request certain recipes or types of recipes.

I am going to set up a tag system and a memory system so we can find the recipes after they're posted.


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